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 Camping in the woods - Cắm trại trong rừng.

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Tác giảThông điệp
Nam Thi
Nam Thi

Tổng số bài gửi : 2306
Age : 32
Nơi ở: : Full House
Registration date : 12/09/2008

Bài gửiTiêu đề: Camping in the woods - Cắm trại trong rừng.   21/1/2009, 8:35 am

Camping in the woods - Cắm trại trong rừng.

“IM NOT FUCKING GOING ON NO GAY CAMPING TRIP!” screamed Danny at his father “YOU’LL GO WERE THE FUCK I TELL YOU!” he screamed back “we’ll see about that!” said Danny quickly walking to the front door. In a flash Danny’s father ran to the door and slammed it shut. “LET ME OUT OF THIS HELL HOLE!” said Danny grabbing a jar preparing to throw it at his father. “Danny please don’t pull this shit today, I don’t want to go either but you know that your mom has Brest Cancer and the mountains are the best place to relax, you can hike or whatever the fuck you do” Danny slowly lowers the jar and says. Dad me and Brittany have plans and… “I don’t give a damn go and pack you fucking bags” says Danny’s dad clenching his fists “Dad.” Danny whimpers “NOW!” he screams.
As soon as Danny got to the cabin he unpacked his bags, ate a sandwich, and took off into the woods. Danny followed a worn-out path deep into the forest until he came up on a little cabin. The cabin wasn’t in that bad of shape. Still pissed from the fight earlier that day he went to investigate.

The inside wasn’t that bad either; you could tell somebody was living there. Danny searched the house and found 1 bedroom, a kitchen, and a small living room.
Danny snooped around the bedroom and found a porno. Grinning he sat down on the bed and pulled out his Nine inch dick. As he leafed through the magazine, he pounded on his beautiful boy meat thinking about his girlfriend Brittany. Danny never heard Benjamin, the owner of the cabin enter through the side door.

Benjamin was a 48 year old, who hadn’t had sex for a few months. He was abnormally harry some would even say he was a daddy, bear type. He laid his traps on the floor, and started towards his room to lie down and rest.

Stroke show
Danny was startled when he heard the floor boards creak he looked around and saw nowhere to hide. He tossed the magazine into the corner, hopped up pulling his pants up trying to hide what he was doing. Benjamin walked into his room and saw a Beautiful 18 year old boy pulling up his pants in the middle of the room. Danny turned and saw the giant size of Benjamin. “Uh um im sorry I just um well” stammered Danny. Benjamin just grinned at the boy. “You’ve made a BIG mistake boy” mumbles Benjamin as he slowly undoes his belt letting his pants drop to the floor. Then Benjamin takes off his shirt.

Danny gulps and is shocked to find out he is a little turned on by what he is seeing. Benjamin then takes off his underwear, and stands their stock naked stroking his 11 inch monster. “Take off those pants boy!” Benjamin Bellows. Danny lets his pants fall to the floor as if he is in a trance. “Now the shirt” whispers Benjamin. Danny does as his daddy commands. “Now lay down on the bed” Danny crawls onto the bed and lays their waiting for the next command. Benjamin crawls over Danny and stars kissing his neck working his way down his young body. Danny’s Back arches with pleasure. Benjamin works his way down to the boy’s underwear; he slowly pulls them off taking note of his beautiful cut prick. Benjamin slowly starts slurping on his fully erect member.
Danny clinches the sheets in pleasure; his girlfriend was never this good.

Benjamin suddenly stops and walks out of the room. Danny looks around wondering what happened. Benjamin returns holding a jar of Vaseline grinning. “Whoa dude im not into that” stammers Danny trying to get up. Benjamin grabs his innocent victim and forces him onto his stomach. Danny wrestles Benjamin trying to free himself of the monsters grasp it is useless. Danny feels Benjamin’s hot breath at his tight virgin hole. He then feels a cold gooey substance replacing the hot breath. And he feels Benjamin’s rod press itself against his hole, inch by inch Benjamin pushes his hard cock into Danny’s tight hole. Danny wiggles and groans in pain, trying to free himself.

Once fully in Benjamin quickens the pace, shoving his cock in and out quicker and quicker. Danny relaxes and starts liking what happens to him. Suddenly Benjamin’s cock spews into Danny’s hole unable to hold it all some leaks out. Benjamin bends down and eats the excess liquid with his tong. Danny rolls over and starts to stroke himself off. Benjamin quickly replaces Danny’s hand with his mouth. Danny shoots the biggest load into Benjamin’s throat.

Danny just lays there and Benjamin curls up next to him pulling Danny into his harry chest.

<<<<<=Chữ ký của thành viên Mãi Còn Yêu=>>>>>>

Dù anh có chạy xa thiệt xa
Em vẫn theo có mình anh thoai!!!!!!
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Huyền thoại tình yêu
Huyền thoại tình yêu

Tổng số bài gửi : 3285
Age : 20
Nơi ở: : Nơi cư ngụ của các vị thần.
Registration date : 16/10/2008

Bài gửiTiêu đề: Re: Camping in the woods - Cắm trại trong rừng.   27/1/2009, 6:33 pm

HIchic, đọc hem hiểu gì hít, pe dốt tiếng Anh...............

<<<<<=Chữ ký của thành viên Mãi Còn Yêu=>>>>>>
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Bắt tay làm wen
Bắt tay làm wen

Tổng số bài gửi : 10
Age : 31
Registration date : 01/10/2008

Bài gửiTiêu đề: Re: Camping in the woods - Cắm trại trong rừng.   22/9/2009, 2:18 pm

awesome! I like this story and feel hot in my body. This story is the same as Beljamin's film
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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Re: Camping in the woods - Cắm trại trong rừng.   

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Camping in the woods - Cắm trại trong rừng.
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