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 Batteries Not Included

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Nam Thi
Nam Thi

Tổng số bài gửi : 2306
Age : 30
Nơi ở: : Full House
Registration date : 12/09/2008

Bài gửiTiêu đề: Batteries Not Included   18/2/2009, 11:58 am

Batteries Not Included

Today I had a photo shoot, it was a long time ago since I had a photo shoot, but this photo shoot was kind of weird. Last week some guy emailed me, saying that he needed pictures for his profile and also some decent photos because he was also job hunting. So today I went over to his place, with my camera. I rang the doorbell and he guided me in, upstairs to his small flat. He offered me a beer and a smoke. I smoked three cigarettes and drank two beers. Then I took my camera and wanted to start shooting him, but I couldn't. The batteries were empty; I forgot to recharge them yesterday. So there I was, a photographer without proper equipment, I was embarrassed and felt like a complete idiot.

This never happened to me before. So I explained to the guy that I just forgot to recharge my batteries. It was no problem for him; he asked me if it was possible to come back Monday evening for the shoot. I answered that is was ok to come back tomorrow, since it was my fault, not recharging the batteries, I should have brought extra batteries with me. There weren’t any pictures taken this afternoon, we just sat in the kitchen and talked about photographer in general. So after a few more beers and cigarettes I left for home. On the way back I needed to piss, I started running, hoping to get home on time, because I couldn’t hold it any longer. Jesus I drank so much beer.

Yesterday I got another email from ‘Do-Not-Mention-His-Name-Ever-Again’ and I still haven’t read it, I still haven’t opened it. I know I should read it, but I’m a bit afraid what it might say. I am not sure what to expect, but I have my suspicions. I promise I will open his email after I finish this post.

Tomorrow start Discipline Week. Now you all are wondering what Discipline Week is. Well I tell you tomorrow, if I survive the first day.

Addendum: I just read that notorious email from Do-not-Mention-His-Name-Ever-Again, well to be honest, he's concerned about me. He wants to know if there's anything he can do for me. He offers support. But I know for sure there is more to it all, he needs something from me. Why offer support now after all those months? What does he want? And Why? I replied to his email, just told him the truth about everything. Let's see what his response is gonna be.

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Dù anh có chạy xa thiệt xa
Em vẫn theo có mình anh thoai!!!!!!
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Batteries Not Included
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