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 G Story: Asian Cock

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Nam Thi
Nam Thi

Tổng số bài gửi : 2306
Age : 32
Nơi ở: : Full House
Registration date : 12/09/2008

Bài gửiTiêu đề: G Story: Asian Cock   20/2/2009, 12:21 pm

It was late on a Saturday night that I rolled a joint and slipped out to go for a ride. As I drove and smoked, I decided to head for the rest stop on the interstate where I had heard that there was plenty of action happening. I had never done this kind of thing before, and I told myself that I was just looking, but I wondered what I would do if a guy showed any interest in me.
My heart was pounding as I turned into the rest area and drove around to park near the bathrooms where the contacts were supposed to be made. The story I heard said that after meeting in the bathroom, guys would sneak out to the picnic tables where it was dark, and have sex.
I was married, I shouldn't have been doing this kind of thing, but my wife would rather sleep than have sex. And on the occasion she did get horny, she disliked oral sex, both giving and receiving. I love oral sex, and wanted more. I also had a fantasy about sucking a guy's cock, something I did a few times as a boy, and on one drunken night when I was in the military years ago.
As I parked, I noticed that there were a few cars in the darker areas, but could see no one in them. There was no one in the bathroom either, so I went back out and sat in my car. After a couple of minutes, just when I had decided to leave, a small car drove past slowly. The driver was a young dark haired guy who was obviously looking me over. We made eye contact, and he nodded at me. He looked okay to me, but did I really want to do this? I couldn't do this...but what was I doing here, then? He must have thought that I looked okay too, because he stopped and parked in the dark area near the exit. I started the car to leave, but incredibly, when I had to make a choice, I stopped and parked a few spaces behind him. Now he knew that I was interested.
I sat there, not knowing what to do next. I didn't have the nerve to approach him. He would have to come to me. After a couple of minutes, I got out and walked over to a near-by picnic table that was in the trees beside the parking lot. I was so nervous that my knees were shaking as I sat on the table waiting for him to respond. Soon he did, and walked casually into the woods and over to the table where I sat, barely able to breathe.He looked to be in his early twenties, was of Asian descent, and was average height and weight. We said hello and something about the weather. After a moment or two, he slipped his hand down to rub the big bulge in his jeans. I responded by feeling my hard-on, which was growing in my pants. There was no mistaking what we both wanted. There was too much activity in the front of the rest area for me to feel safe enough to do anything where we were. After all, I learned about this place from a news story several weeks earlier. The police were supposed to be cracking down on this kind of thing. We don't want anyone having any illicit sex in our town, do we? That would be sinful!When I told him it was not safe where we were, he agreed and asked if I had, or knew of, a place we could go.
I said that I didn't and he suggested the woods on the other side of the road. The brush was thicker there, and we wouldn't be visible to anyone. It looked okay to me, so he crossed the road and disappeared into the brush on the other side. I soon followed, excited that I was doing such a forbidden thing as this.Parting the bushes, I stepped into the darkness and saw him waiting down a small path. When I got there, it was light enough to see that he had undone his pants and was playing with his dick. It was much bigger than mine, and was uncircumcised! I got even more excited and stepped up to him and pulled my cock out. He reached for my hard-on and began to stroke it softly up and down. It felt great. I opened my pants wider to allow him better access to my cock, and then reached for his.
His dick was very big and hot. I jacked it back and forth and wondered at the feel of the foreskin as it slid easily over his cockhead. My pole was throbbing with excitement, and I could see and feel that he was as fired up as I was. The lights of a passing car caused us to step apart quickly in alarm, but we just as quickly resumed our fondling. He asked again if I knew some place we could go. I told him that I wished I did, but my place was out, and I knew of no other. We just stood there playing with each other, and I was hoping he would just suck me off, when he asked me to go to his place. I had never even considered going to a guy's house for sex, and didn't intend to go so far this night, either.We continued our mutual masturbation, and kept getting hotter and hotter. He asked again, saying his place was nearby and safe. I was so horny I finally said okay. We both fastened our pants and went to our cars. I followed him out of the parking lot.As we drove towards his place, I couldn't believe that I was going to a man's house to have sex with him. I kept thinking if I got to his place, I might be expected to go farther than I intended. All I really wanted was a blow job. At his place, if I got a blow job, I'd probably be expected to give one in return. Was I really going to do this?
Before I could chicken out, we pulled into the driveway of an expensive condo complex and into a secluded parking lot. It was too late now. He led the way to his apartment and I followed him inside. I looked around the living room while he disappeared into a back room. A moment later he called out for me to join him, so I did, barely able to breathe with the thought of what was to come.The back room was a bedroom, with a bathroom through a door to one side. There was a small couch, and a large bed. He--I still didn't know his name--walked over, dimmed the lights, then came over to me. Standing in front of me, he reached for my belt, and began to undo the buckle. I felt like a little girl, being undressed to be fucked for the first time. He was having trouble with the button on my jeans, so I took over, and he started to undress too.
Soon, we were both naked. We both had big hard-ons and I couldn't believe that I was in a man's bedroom, naked and ready to have sex!He stepped up and caressed me. He nuzzled my hair and tried to kiss me. I stopped him. I had never kissed a man before, and told him that there would be no kissing. I didn't answer when he asked if I didn't like to be kissed. No kissing, I said.Pulling me to the bed, he told me to lay back with my head on the pillows. I did, and he grabbed my dick, which was bigger and harder than it had ever been. I was so hot and horny! He knelt down beside me and leaned over to put my cock in his mouth. This cute guy started sucking gently on the head of my dick, and then let it slide deeper into his hot, wet mouth. It felt so good that I moaned in pleasure. I watched as he bobbed up and down on my hard-on and played with my balls.
He would take my dick deep into his throat, then would slide it out to lick at the head and suck at the little slit on the end. He was enjoying this as much as I was! He left my cock to go down to my balls, which he licked and gently sucked into his mouth. His hands wandered over my body and down to my ass, where he spread my cheeks to see my asshole. He stopped sucking long enough to ask if I had ever been fucked in the ass before. I told him that I hadn't. He asked if I had ever fucked a guy in the ass, and I again said no.He kept sucking me and then asked if he could fuck my ass. I said no, that I knew I would like it but I was afraid of AIDS. He said that he didn't have AIDS, and how did I know I'd like it? I told him that I had a dildo that I would slide into my ass when I played with myself, and I liked it a lot. He asked if I had ever sucked a cock before. I answered yes, a long time ago. He asked who it was, and I replied it was a guy that I knew long ago. Did he come in my mouth, he wanted to know. I nodded yes, one time. Did you like it, he asked. I admitted that it had made me very excited.Then he said that if he couldn't fuck me that we were going to stop right now and would go no further. I didn't say anything, but I figured that he was as hot as I was, and we both wanted to continue. I was right, and he resumed his sucking, but he slid around to put his hard cock closer to my face. He asked, "Have you ever sixty-nined with a guy before?"
"No," I said.
"Do you want to?" he asked.
I remained silent.His dick was big and hard, and it looked so hot and exciting. I wrapped my hand around it, and marveled at the size and feel of it. My hand slid up and down that smooth, hard shaft and I just got more and more horny. He watched me play with it for a minute then asked if I wanted to suck it. I want to, I told him, but I was afraid. Then it occurred to me that I was naked in bed with a man and that I had already crossed the line. Once before in my life I had had an opportunity to suck a guy's cock, but I chickened out. I regretted it later. This was my chance to live the fantasy!
Without another thought, I leaned over and put his big, hot dick into my mouth. I closed my lips around that big pole and sucked on it gently. The feeling was incredible. My mouth was stuffed full of hard dick! It was hard, but velvety smooth, and as it got wet with my saliva, it slid easily between my eager lips. He had quit doing me, and watched as I tried to get all of him into my mouth, but could not get the last two inches down. The head pressed against my tonsils as I tried to swallow his sweet dick. I was really loving this!He told me to lick his balls. I had never done that before, but I was so fired-up that I would have done anything he told me to. I let his cock slide out of my mouth and moved down to his hairy balls. I began to lick and suck on his nuts, feeling so submissive and horny. He spread his legs to allow me to see his ass, and asked if there was something else I would like to do. I figured that he wanted me to lick his asshole, and I would have if he had told me to, but he never actually told me.
I went back up to his big, delicious dick, and began sucking it again. He moved back to mine, and we began a true sixty-nine. It was really exciting when he rolled up on top of me, with my mouth under his crotch. I shifted my head to get as much of his meat into my throat as possible, and he began to fuck my face! This was really great, but I couldn't breathe and had to move to get a breath.As we continued sucking each other he started playing with my ass again, and soon he got out of bed to get a condom. He wanted me to fuck his ass and I agreed, but was not overly excited by the idea. I wanted to come with his dick in my mouth!He returned with the rubber and a tube of K.Y. jelly. He rolled the condom down over my hard-on, and put some lubricant on his asshole. Laying on his back with me between his legs, he raised his knees to position my cock at his butt-hole. I tried to put my cock into his ass, but I was getting soft and couldn't. I told him I was sorry, and slid down to begin sucking his cock while I stroked mine back to life. I was on my knees between his legs, playing with myself while I eagerly slid my mouth up and down on his big, hot, tasty dick. God, I loved it! I sucked and sucked, and we both got hotter and hotter. He told me I looked so nasty with his dick in my mouth, and I moaned in heat.
He was getting closer to orgasm, and so was I. He said that he that was getting close, he was almost there, he was cumming! He was cumming! I just sucked harder and deeper, and stroked my cock faster and faster. I couldn't wait to feel him cum in my mouth!He yelled and thrust his cock as deep into my mouth as it would go. My eager lips worked for his hot load and were not disappointed. My mouth filled with his sperm and the excitement was too much. He was cumming right in my mouth, and I was shooting off all over his bed! My mouth was so full of dick and cum, that all I could do was grunt and moan as I had the greatest orgasm of my life!I should have swallowed it, but I didn't. As the moment faded, I opened my mouth and let his hot sperm run down his beautiful cock to puddle on his belly. His dick slid out of my mouth, and I got out of bed to get dressed. I felt guilty for doing such a nasty thing as this and loving it so. He asked if I was sorry for being there, and I told him that I had enjoyed it.I left without getting his name or phone number, but I know where he lives and want so bad to go visit him again. Next time I'll do anything he wants, as long as he lets me suck his delicious dick and comes in my mouth!


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G Story: Asian Cock
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